Sunday, 13 March 2011

The Heart Of Our City

Port Elizabeth was named after the wife of Sir Rufane Donkin,the acting Governor of the Cape in 1820.  The city has spread out from the market square in front of the City Hall and now covers miles of the Eastern Cape.   The great pity is that very few people venture into the heart of the city these days as it is not safe down there.   Here are a few photos which I have taken since returning here in 1995.  
This is our City Hall with an exotic tree growing in the garden.
The City Hall.

Queen Victoria stands guard over our city.

The beautiful library building in front of which is the statue of Queen Victoria.
Behind the city hall is the old post office building which has recently been restored and painted.
This is Whites Road which runs down from the hill straight to the City Square.
The little Grenn Matiz parked on the left is mine.

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